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Cat and Kai are two ocean lovers from the Philippines who love creating unique, handmade & personalised silver jewelry with sea glass found in the shores of Danjugan Island. From the seaglass they pick up from the shorelines, each nature-inspired piece is meticulously handmade and custom fit to each sea glass piece, making no two designs exactly the same. Through every Cat + Kai purchase, proceeds go back to Danjugan Islands’ conservation efforts and projects.

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Rags2Riches is a fashion house empowering community artisans through the creation of eco-ethical products by using upcycled, overstocked, and indigenous fabrics. The involvement of local artisans in the production process is driven through an inclusive manufacturing and governance process, ensuring local artisans have a say in the company’s decisions. Rags2Riches also provides educational opportunities for their artisans to acquire financial literacy skills, hosts a microinsurance scheme for their artisans to rest easy with safety nets, and creates full-time jobs for communities across the Philippines.

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Silent Beads turns paper wastes into beautiful beads, seed papers and other crafts that grow into plants after use. Silent Beads, founded on May 10, 2015, started out as the First Plantable Jewelry manufacturer in the Philippines. Their products are made from recycled paper to help eliminate trash, and embedded with seeds so that they will grow into plants when thrown away. They eventually came up with more ways on how to grow their idea and ventured into making plantable paper which can be used to make gift tags, party invitations, coasters, and more!


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